King James! LeBron James Officially A Billionaire

NBA player LeBron James has officially joined the billionaires club. And who in his position wouldn’t be happy? Fondly called King James. The champ is also the first active NBA player to become a billionaire.

Making the billionaire’s list is no easy task. But the basketball ace is glad he’s there. And he considers this his most significant milestone. One can’t fault that. After all, there were many star athletes before him, and most didn’t make it to the billionaire’s list.

James didn’t make his whole fortune from the court, though. In fact, the largest chunk of his wealth comes from his businesses and endorsements. He’s an investor in the ride-sharing service Lyft and has endorsement deals with Nike, AT&T, and several other brands.

James’s current listing by Forbes as a billionaire will especially resonate with many people struggling to find a footing but have not lost hope of one day overcoming their challenges and making it to a place in the sun.

Young LeBron never met his father, his mother was only 16 when she had him, and she struggled to care for her son. Recalling those years, James noted the family was unsure where the next meal would come from.

Well, no more! James is a billionaire!

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