King Misuzulu To Work For The Unity Of The Zulu Nation

The new king of South Africa’s estimated 11 million Zulu people, King Misuzulu, has big dreams for his people, including ensuring there is unity among them.

The recently crowned king recognised there’s a division among his people, and he’s determined to change that. So now, he has set his eyes on forging unity among the divided Zulu nation. The desire for unity is especially fervent and comes following the recognition of his kingship by the South African Government.

The government of President Cyril Ramaphosa has not only recognised King Misuzulu but has pledged to work with him as well. This is especially good news, especially given the controversies that followed the choice of the king.

At the outset, some members of the royal family had challenged the choice of King Misuzulu, stating that the will picking him as successor was forged. There was so much intrigue in the palace that some people were scared and others cautious amid schemings within.

But all that appears toi be in the past now with the formal recognition of King Misuzulu and the new king’s avowal to forge entity among the Zulus. It remains to be seen how well he would carry out his plans for his people.

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