King Monada & Family Allegedly Attacked – What You Need To Know

Popular singer King Monada has reportedly been attacked by a mob in his home, leading to a great buzz on social media.

A report by local publication Zimoja claimed that the musician was attacked for failing to show up at a show in Limpopo, a show for which he has already been paid.

He is also reported to have apologised for his no-show. Alleged, frustrated by his no-show, the owner of the lodge where he was supposed to have performed had driven a truck of disgruntled fans to his home in the Tzaneen area, where they started pelting the singer’s home with stones.

The incident made headline news across South Africa. Beyond that, it also brings to light the ever-evolving reality of no-show – artists collecting money for gigs but failing to show up for the same and failing to perform.

This is but one of several incidents when a musician has not shown up for a show. But this case is unique because it is the first known time that a music promoter had taken a crowd to a musician’s house to cause trouble and register displeasure over a no-show.

Will there ever be a time when we won’t contend with the news of musicians not showing up for gigs for which they have been paid?

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