King Monada Fights Back, Drops Makhadzi’s Vocals From “Ghanama”

A lyrical war is brewing between Limpopo artiste Makhadzi and King Monada – something Makhadzi had earlier tried to deny.

The song “Ghanama” started trending even before it was released and this had led to a little war of ownership between Makhadzi and King Monada. The “Murahu” songstress, trying to maintain the peace, had stated that the conflict with king Monada was nothing but a publicity stunt to promote the song.

But then when Makhadzi officially released the song on Thursdays 8 July, King Monada’s vocals was missing, invariably leading fans to conclude that there’s serious crisis brewing between the two.

King Monada indirectly affirmed this crisis by tossing Makhadzi’s vocals from “Ghanama” and releasing it as “Ghanama S Plus,” with an artiste called Mukosi delivering Makhadzi’s vocals.

This move provoked an interesting debate on social media, with some fans of the “Malwedhe” star wondering why he should do that instead of resolving the problem he had with Makhadzi.

Some social media users called Limpopo artistes unprofessional, stating that soon they will be out there complaining that they are rarely reccognized in the SAMAs (South Africa Mussic Awards).

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