King Monada Says Some People Enjoy Seeing Him And Makhadzi Fight

Bolo House music star King Monada says some people enjoy seeing him and Makhadzi fight.

A while back, the prospect of a collaboration between King Monada and Makhadzi excited everyone. Unfortunately, that happened in 2021, but it did not end well. The two reportedly collaborated on Makhadzi’s hit song “Ghanama,” but they fell out afterward, leading them to fight over ownership of the song.

It seems they have both moved on from it but “forces” beyond their powers want to reenact the feud. At least, that’s what King Monada is saying. The Bolo House star recently took to Facebook to call out the people that love to see them fight.

He wrote, “Whoever wants to write bad things about Makhadzi for not pitching at my event should rather write about me. I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY. Some people enjoy seeing us fighting and are dah. This is too deep, and I appreciate you for being a bigger person. 2023 is for love and peace.” Hopefully, these people will hear and leave them alone.

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