King Monada Sends “Disrespectful” Second Wife Parking

“Malwedhe” hitmaker King Monada has reportedly chased his second wife Cynthian Leon out of his house, over alleged disrespect to his person and to his family.

King Monada usually travels out of town for shows, and by the time he is done and back home, it is late at night. It is reported that the second wife didn’t understand this and really didn’t agree with it and kept nagging the songster.

Tired of it all, he reportedly sent her home to be “properly disciplined” by her parents, according to a relative. She was said to have returned much later to King Monada’s house, taken her property, and zoomed off.

King Monada himself hasn’t spoken publicly about the incident. So far, only family members had volunteered comments. The songster was part of the line-up for the Heritage Day celebration at Kgere Kgere Lodge yesterday 24 September 2020.

Others include Mashabela Galane, and Mack Eaze, with whom he had worked on the hit song “The Number.” By the way, King Monada is said to be working on a new song with prince Kaybee of Low key Records.

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