King Monada Teases New Music On Instagram

Bolo House music star, King Monads teases new music on Instagram.

“No Ties” star, King Monada would certainly feature on any list of the most consistent artists in the SA music industry. He is known for his back to back releases. He has always hinted that he has so many songs recorded for release this year.

However, he’s been taking time off recently to have a good laugh. Not too long ago, the Mzansi singer joined the boxing fun and challenged “Mali Eningi” star, Big Zulu to a fight. He has since shared hilarious videos of himself prepping for the supposed fight.

Lucky for us, he’s still about dropping good music. In a recent Live stream on Instagram, he teased an unreleased song for fans to hear. However, he doesn’t say when the song would be released, or what it’s called. Hopefully, we get more information on it. Shout out to him.

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