Kings of Joburg: Connie Ferguson’s Ex-husband Neo Matsunyane to Feature In 2nd Season

In a move that will intrigue many South African and ignite speculations, it has been revealed that Connie Ferguson’s ex-husband Neo Matsunyane will be featured in the second season of Kings of Johannesburg.

Connie’s second husband (the man he married after divorcing Neo) Shona Ferguson was in the first season of the flick. But complications ended Shona’s film odyssey and he died, leaving Connie devastated and the film industry in disbelief.

It’s been a solo journey without Shona, and even in death Connie continues to affirm her love for him and that what they shared was truly special. So with the news that Neo is popping into the second season of the flick, many South Africans are curious whether they would also reignite their relationship along the line.

For one, while Connie got married to Shona Ferguson after his split from Neo, the actor himself never remarried.

It’s unclear why or how Neo made it to the second season of the Netflix series. How, the news that he will be a part of it has generated so much interest, with many wondering if it would lead to a renewal of his relationship with Connie.

The series should benefit the most from the curiosity of the public.

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