Kings Park Shooting: Off-Duty Police Officer Arrested

A little drama played out at the Kings Park Rugby Stadium during a New Year’s party, when an off-duty police officer reportedly drew his arm and discharged his weapon, injuring a security officer in the leg.
The Sharks had hosted a New Year’s eve party for patrons, of which the off-duty officer was one. In a statement released after the shooting incident, a spokesperson for the Sharks had given some clues into what actually happened that night.
According to the spokesperson, one of the patrons (the off-duty officer) was unruly of conduct, which goes contrary to the behaviour expected of a family gathering. So the decision was made to escort him off the premises.
As security was escorting him off the premises, he drew his arm and discharged a rounding, wounding the security personnel on the leg. and also affected another nearby patron on the leg. The injury to the security personnel is said to be minor.
The wounded were treated on the site and then taken to the hospital for further treatment. The name of the off-duty officer, as well as the injured, has not been given. However, the authorities are currently investigating the incident. It’s unclear what the outcome will be.

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