Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts Adresses Prince Kaybee’s “Bad Sound” Compliant

The Kristenbosch summer Sunset Concert 2020 just held and it had artistes like Sho Madjozi and Prince Kaybee on the performing list. Sho Madjozi had an electrifying performance with her songs like “John cena”, “Huku” and even took to social media to thank her fans, sharing videos from her performance at the concert.

Prince Kaybee on the other hand, had things to say about the Sound system at the event, although he had an electrifying performance at the event, he didn’t necessarily like his set up and he called on the promoters of the show to focus more on the sound engineering, as it will help the artistes to perform better.

The organizers have now taken time to address the issue with the sound system the DJ pointed out, stating that their equipments are of good quality and could not increase the volume to suit the DJ because of the area the event was holding.

Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts is passionate about music and always works with artistes to ensure that their needs at our concerts are met and that fans receive a high-quality performance. Our sound equipment and engineers are world-class. Being situated in a residential area, we have restrictions on the sound volume, though, and unfortunately could not amplify the sound to the volume that Prince Kaybee would have liked us to.

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