Kris Jenner In Tears Over Kim Kardashian’s Heartwarming Tribute – Watch

Not everyone can claim to have a close relationship with their mother, but American socialite Kim Kardashian is one woman who happens to show that she has a beautiful relationship with her mom, Kris Jenner.

While she has always shown her love and respect for her mother through other means, her recent tribute to Kris seemed to have managed the most attention.

The scene was James Corden’s Sirius XM radio show, and Kim was live there. She delivered a tribute which has since been described as touching by many netizens.

In the said tribute, she praised her mother’s managerial skills and her role as a loving mother to herself and her other children. Kim should know, after all it was her mother who was instrumental to her rise across social circles.

it is often said that Kris was the one who groomed her daughter to become the global stars that they are today. At least the daughters have recognised this and do not hesitate to share their gratitude to their mother.

For Kim, the appearance on James Corden’s Sirius XM radio show was another opportunity to illuminate this, as you can see in the clip below.

Kris herself was close to tears because of the tribute from Kim.

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