Kususa Announces A Remix Of DJ Sekza’s “Enemies” On A Sophomore Dub Release Date

Kususa announces release date for a DJ Sekza Sophomore Dub for "Enemies"

Kususa announces a release date for the Sophomore Dub of “Enemies” by DJ Sekza and Exmusiq.

Mzansi production and disc jockey duo, Kususa have made a huge name from releasing music made in the way they feel it should sound. The duo is popular not just for their own music but also for recreating some already released songs and making them sound even better.

Trust us, not many can do that. They are also known for their Sophomore Dubs which they recently described as being from a special production thread. It is their own interpretation of songs, not guided by sound or trend. Remember when we said they create songs from how it sounds to them.

They have now announced the release date for the Sophomore Dub of DJ Sekza’s “Enemies” featuring Exmusiq. The song is set to be released on Friday, 29th May. It will be released via Gallo Music SA.

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