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Kwesta Interview With MacG

Celebrated rapper Kwesta has just poured his heart out on what his relationship with his former manager Nota, his relationship with other artistes, as well as the industry in South Africa in a sit-down with MacG on the set of Pocast abd Chill

Kwesta & Nota Relationship

Kwesta and Nota were once pals and associates. Apparently all is not well between both right now, with Nota no longer serving as manager and, true to his style, criticizing Kwesta now and then.

In the interview, Kwesta stated that his former manager thinks he is his artiste, something he (Kwesta) doesn’t take kindly to. His fault in his professional relationship with Nota is that nothing was clearly defined.

Note Being In Charge

Back then, he was like, let us just work together. In his mind, he thought he was the one in charge. Nota, on the other hand, was thinking he was the one in charge – the bloke who signed Kwesta on. It wasn’t until later that they realized the mistake.

Kwesta’s YouTube Channel Issue

Just recently, Kwesta was unable to access his YouTube account that has over 155k subscribers. He had explained in response to a fan that he was locked out of it.

Nota had fired back, saying Kwesta should admit the account wasn’t his in the first place.

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