Kwesta Addresses RapLyf Controversies, Allegations of Embezzlement & More

The past weeks have been mixed for Mzansi muso Kwesta has challenges and controversies have dropped on his corridors like arrows of rain.

From losing access to his YouTube channel with over 156k subscribers to being accused of embezzling RapLyf’s funds by his former manager Nota Baloyi, Kwesta has had way too many hits to continue to keep quiet.

To clarify the issues at hand and make his fans better understand what exactly is going on, Kwesta has detailed the whole issue in a Twitter thread. According to him, he, Leroy and Nota started RapLyf back in 2013 on the basis of trust, with no formal document signed and agreement reached.

The plan was also to create a platform for artistes like TLT and Makwa. With success came differences in opinion, mismanagement of funds and many other things which led to distrust. While Leroy handled the finances, Nita was the music executive and Kwesta, was the “catalyst.”

There are things he says he knows nothing about but which his team members think he knows.

The thread should give clarity to those who have been wondering about the seemingly endless sallies from Nota of late.

What do you think, though? Share your thoughts below.

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