Kwesta And His Lovely Family Enjoy a Memorable Time in Zanzibar

Kwesta enjoys a relaxing atmosphere with his family in Zanzibar.

This is a period of the year when most of us are resuming work and working towards accomplishing our goals for the month of January. However, Kwesta and his family are having a nice time in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Kwesta, his wife, Yolanda, and daughter, Khai, are serving us family goals while they have a great vacation in the beaches of Zanzibar.

The singer shared some pictures and videos on social media, revealing to his fans the way they are enjoying their vacation.

After completing a successful and hectic year, what is more ideal than visiting Zanzibar on a vacation to relax, unwind and revive your mind for 2020? Kwesta and his family have taken up that tip as they are relaxing while other South Africans are busy with work. Kwesta shared the holiday videos on his Instagram page with captions like:

My convo with @yonessalvv about our 2020 trajrectrwary went quite well, dont you think

The rapper had gotten married to the love of his life, Yolanda, last year and their wedding was a grand and unforgettable one. Many celebrities that are friends with the lovebirds graced their event and celebrated their big day with them.

Below are some of the great moments the family enjoyed together:

Kwesta’s career is also progressing as his third album, ‘DaKAR II,’ has made history by reaching platinum 7 times.

DaKAR II made Kwesta the best-selling artist in South Africa.

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