Kwesta And Wife, Yolanda Celebrate Their 1st White Wedding Anniversary

Kwesta and Yolanda celebrate their first white wedding anniversary!

Award-winning South African rapper, Kwesta, and his beautiful wife, Yolanda, had gotten married traditionally for some time. However, they had their glamorous white wedding ceremony in 2019.

The love that the cute couple share is so bright and real that it shows in virtually everything they do, such as their adorable baby girl, Kai.

Kwesta and the love of his life, Yolanda, celebrated their first wedding anniversary and it is one of the cutest things we’ve ever witnessed.

It is not common to see many artists in the South African hip hop industry who openly display their love for their partners. However, Kwesta has proven to be different as he openly expresses his love for his wife, Yolanda.

It was around this time last year that the adorable couple had their white wedding, which was the talk of the town. Their union has produced a lovely baby girl who is named Princess Kai Vilakazi.

Kwesta and Yolanda are a power couple that keeps proving the strength of their love and teaching the singles that true love still exists.

Kwesta’s beautiful wife, Yolanda, took to social media to reveal that the 22nd of March 2020 was their first white wedding anniversary.

The talented rapper had celebrated the beginning of a new year with his family by taking them on an adventurous trip to Zanzibar.

Kwesta had taken to his Instagram page to share pictures and videos of their time in Zanzibar, as they unwind and spend memorable moments as a family.

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