Kwesta Announces New Song “Njandini”

Kwesta announce a new song release titled "Njandini" and we can hear a voince that sounds like Riky Rick's from the preview

Kwesta announces a new song release titled “Njandini”.

Guys, Kwesta’s got a new song coming, we’re sure it will blow your mind. While everyone is busy making new music, the Mzansi rapper has been rebranding himself and changing a few things around him. Now, he’s ready to share it with us.

A few days back, he took to social media to share something new tagged “2SKIEF”. We previously confused it to be a new song, but we think it might be an upcoming project although he is yet to confirm it.

He recently took social media to announce an upcoming song “Njandini”. He also revealed he had made a few personal changes, and new personnel placements. He revealed that the new song is the first off a new project, calling it “single 1”. The song is produced by Makwa has a voice that sounds like that of Riky Rick but we cannot confirm the feature as Kwesta did not mention “Boss Zonke” himself in the caption, you might want to listen in when it drops.

If you know who’s voice is on that preview, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section

@kwestadakar ViaInstagram
🚨‼️New Logo, Personal Changes, New Music, New Personnel Placements‼️Single 1 #Njandini Coming soon. Prod by @only1makwa 🔥🔥🔥Ibhemile!!! #2skeif

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