Kwesta Caught In The Flames Of Ayanda Jiya’s War With Producer

South African rapper may have found himself in another financial circus after “Love Me,” a song in which fellow South African Ayanda Jiya featured him, was taken down from Platoon, a music distribution company owned by Apple.

“Love Me” was the flagship song from Ayanda Jiya’s “Queen” project. Not only was the song taken down from Platoon, the whole project was as well.
Platoon had taken down the project over the ongoing dispute between Ayanda Jiya and her producer Boitumelo Mhlongo.

According to Ayanda Jiya, she wrote the song and sent it to Mhlongo for production. She even paid part of the studio fees, she said. However, she claims Mhlongo insisted on having 50 percent share of the proceeds from the album, as well as 50 percent from her performance fees.

She wouldn’t entertain this, leading Mhlongo to claim ownership of the work they had done together, ultimately causing Platoon to take it down pending when they resolve the issue. And Kwesta, who also worked on the project, will receive nothing until further notice.

What do you think of the ongoing crisis between Ayanda Jiya and her producer, as well as the taking down of “Queen” from Platoon? You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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