Kwesta Celebrates 16 Years In Music With A Concert Dubbed 16 Bars

It has been said that with consistency comes growth, and we have seen this manifest all around us. South African rapper Kwesta might be taken as just another example. From a struggling, obscure artist almost two decades ago, the songster had worked his way into South Africa’s rap aristocracy. Now it is impossible to talk about South African rap without somehow mentioning his name.

In a clip shared on his verified Twitter page, the songster had noted it’s been an interesting journey and that fans made him who he is today, He compared his life to a lifelong verse, with this year being the 16th he’d been in the industry.

To commemorate the 16th anniversary, he would be oarganizing a concert to celebrate with his fans and tickets are already out for those who would like to attend. You can check out his post below.

There is palpable excitement over the imminent concert, with some fans noting that they can’t wait to see the “Ngud'” hitmaker live in concert. Indeed, Kwesta has earned his stripes. With perennially hard-hitting bars and so much more, it is inevitable that he should be the person that he is today – a man who excites with his songs.

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