Kwesta Celebrates 4 Years Since Release Of Diamond Album ‘DaKAR II’

Kwesta celebrates DaKAR II four-year anniversary.

South African rapper, Kwesta, definitely has a lot to celebrate, following four years since the release of his third studio album, ‘DaKAR II.’

DaKAR II, the critically-acclaimed album, went platinum. The talented rapper has taken to his Instagram page to ask his fans to select their favourite track from the double album.

Kwesta’s third studio album was released on the 26th of February, 2016, and the album went diamond.

His followers responded by stating their best albums. While some chose Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe as their favourite, others chose Nomayini.

The talented rapper has stated that the album title, ‘DaKAR’ is an acronym for ‘Da King of Afrikan Rap.’

The talented rapper was very excited when his album went diamond two months ago. DaKAR II sold 310 000 album copies and it became the highest-selling album in the history of the South African music scene.

Popular hits from DaKAR II, such as Ngud’ and Ngiyazfela, assisted the album in becoming popular.

In an interview session with Slikour after the conclusion of Cotton Fest 2020, Kwesta was one of the South African artists who talked about the current state of New Age music in South Africa.

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