Kwesta Fires Shots At Big Zulu In New Track

South Africans are currently talking about a revival in Mzansi hip hop. And it all stems from a song dubbed “150 Bars.” Released by Big Zulu, the number dissed several musicians in the Rainbow Nation.

It appeared like that was what South African hip hop was looking for because the song ignited several musicians, some of whom responded with diss tracks of their own. One such respondent is the celebrated rapper Kwesta.

He released a diss track dubbed “Quantham (First Load)” directed at BNig Zulu. The number was an instant hit with fans, and they celebrated it as having the fiery energy that diss tracks traditional should have. As far as they are concerned, it is another testament to the creative power of the “Ngud” hitmaker.

Actually, Kwesta was the second person to respond to Big Zulu with a diss track. The first to do so was veteran rapper K.O, whose “Omega Freestyle” ignited the musical space and left many South African screaming for more.

The diss responses so far notwithstanding, Big Zulu has been singled out for praise by many South Africans, including K.O himself. They believe his track has provoked a much-needed revival in South Africa’s hip hop space.

Here’s the song, in case you missed it.

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