Kwesta Hints At New Album Celebrating Wedding Anniversary To Wife Yolanda

April is almost here, and Kwesta has a big thing coming for fans – a new album titled “Fire In The Ghetto.”

Kwesta, famous for “Dakar II” and other platinum selling works, took the anniversary of his wedding to wife Yolanda to clue fans in on the album. Although he failed to give the release date in that album, Yolanda was out with the date soon after – 2 April 2021.

The news of the album dropping on that date excited fans, who made it clear they can’t wait to listen to when the songster had in his kitty.

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By the way, in a different Instagram post, Yolanda also pid tribute to Kwesta, whom she calls her best friend. She let him know she loves him now and forever.

Yolanda and Kwesta are part of South Africa’s most talked about couples. The two share a deep bond and many look up to them in matters relationship. What do you think?

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