Kwesta On “God Guluva,” Lost Friendships, Trust & More in Sit-down With Slikour

It’s been a week of good and bad publicity for Mzansi rapper Kwesta. In all of these, though, the songster manages to find some introspective moment.

These past week, Kwesta’s former manager Nota Baloyi has accused him of embezzling funds belonging to RapLyf, a record label founded by Kwesta, Leroy and Nota himself.

Kwesta had also lost control of his YouTube channel which has over 155k subscribers. On the lost of control of the channel, Kwesta had claimed that he was being deliberately kept out of it. Nota, on the other hand, had countered that Kwesta wasn’t telling the truth and that he should admit that some things aren’t just his. He claimed to have helped build Kwesta up, by that Kwesta has become a brat and unappreciative.

By the way, Kwesta had also released a body of work titled “god GULUVA,” which some of his fans consider one of his best works yet.

On the album, RapLyf, the controversy with Nota, and more, Kwesta spilled his thoughts speaking with Slikour Onlife.

If you’re looking for some never before revealed details about Kwesta and sojourn in the music industry, you may want to check out this interview, the video of which is attached below. You may as well share your thoughts on it.

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