Kwesta On The Birth Of Kenya & Club Performances

2020 is a hard year, and it is also a good year. It is hard because rhe national lockdown affected the music industry and many artistes; it is good because, for an artiste like Kwesta, a blessing popped on his orbit.

Yeah, Kwesta and his wife Yolanda welcomed another baby girl, named Kenya Elihle Vilakazi, in November.

In a recent sit-down with TimesLIVE, the songster indicated that the birth eight years ago of his first daughter Khai wasn’t exactly planned. But that of Kenya was. He and his wife were like, well, let’s make another baby. So Kenya came.

Kwesta has been shielding Kenya from the public, but he readily disclosed that his newborn daughter looks much like him and her grandmother (Kwesta’s mother).

At the time of her birth, he disclosed that his wife was a little upset because she had wanted the child to look like her, since her first child didn’t.

Kwesta’s explanation for this is that he has strong genes.

Speaking on his first time on stage, the songster indicated it was amazing, and he missed that a lot. Kwesta also indicated that he hasn’t been deejaying at clubs because they are not set up to accommodate some of his wishes, like guitarists and drummers. Things are changing, however.

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