Kwesta On Why He Responded To Big Zulu’s “150 Bars” Diss Track

If you have been wondering why Kwesta responded to Big Zulu’s “150 Bars” diss track, you’ve got an answer finally, as the songster has given reasons for his response.

Big Zulu released “150 Bars,” a song in which he dissed several notable names in South African music, a while back. The number elicited mixed reactions at the time, with many South Africans hailing the Inkabi Records boss for having sparked a hip hop revival.

At the time of the song, controversial music executive and one-time Kwesta associate Lavida NOTA had urged the songster to respond to the diss track using what he had taught him when they were associates at RapLyf, a record label they co-founded.

During an interview appearance on the Everything South African Music Podcast, the “Ngud” hitmaker admitted that the people’s call for a response was what motivated him to reply to Big Zulu with another song.

Kwesta released “Quantham (First Load),” which was received with rapture by fans. In the song, Kwesta noted he saved Big Zulu’s life. These bars were a subject of interest during the interview. There he clarified that he was talking about resources and how they contributed to Big Zulu’s rap game.

Can you beat that?

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