Kwesta Shares Snippets Of Songs To Be Expected From Upcoming ‘Dakar 3’ Album

Kwesta shares song snippets to be expected from Dakar 3 album

shares snippets of songs to be expected from his upcoming Dakar 3 album.

We wonder if you’re as excited as we are for what is coming from one of the most talented rappers in all of Mzansi. Truly there are artistes who we need music from, and when they delay in delivery, it feels as though we are losing a limb because things just feel incomplete.

Mzansi rapper, is one of many rappers who command attention with their music. So, everytime they don’t release new music, it is hugely felt. Since this year, we haven’t heard or received anything new from the rapper, except songs from last year.

Last year, after the rapper tied the knot, he succeeded in dropping hits, and also pulling off a picnic show. Now, he has revealed his upcoming Dakar 3 album might be ready to drop. The rapper recently took to social media to share snippets of songs to expect from the upcoming album.

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