Kwesta Speaks On His Biggest Accomplishment As A Musician

South African rapper Kwesta has been almost two decades in the music industry. In that period, of course, several musicians have come and disappeared in obscurity, But he is still very much around. What could be his greatest achievement so far?

Well, the songster himself dwelled on that recently during an interview with DRUM magazine. Recalling his career journey and what he had achieved so far, the songster acknowledged that the music industry is not as simple as many people make of it but that people can achieve what they want to if they are devoted enough/

He might be an example in this case, after all. The songster revealed that his greatest achievement in his 16 years of making music was retaining his distinctive qualities – remaining himself despite the temptations out there and the challenges of the music industry/

The result is that he stands out where he is or goes and does not disappear in the shadow of someone else.

To his credit, he is actually one of the standout figures in South African music and one of the most respected, too, with several hit tunes to his name. Maybe this is just even the beginning for Kwesta Dakar.

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