Kwesta Talks Being Hip-Hop’s Middle Child

Kwesta Celebrates 16 Years In Music With A Concert Dubbed 16 Bars

SA Hip Hop star Kwesta talks to News24 about being Hip Hop’s middle child while planning his 17th Bar.

According to a recent report by News24, SA Hip Hop star Kwesta recently spoke about being the genre’s middle child. He said, “My little sister needs different attention than my big brother [does] , and the parents always go to the middle child.” The publication reports that the “Ngud” rapper says he is “connecting the brand to his metaphorical little sister to help her get the opportunities he retrospectively learned that he needed.”

He also opened up about planning for his 17th bar. Following the success of his 16th bar, Sizwe Alakine sent a shout-out to him and wrote,

“Senzo!!! Thank you so much for the great show and the best family reunion anybody could ask for. I am so honoured to have been a part of your history. Your legacy. And Greatness! I love you bro. You are my friend, my brother, my partner and my niggga!!! But last night… you stepped once again as my leader. My idol. And my inspiration,” he wrote.

There is no doubt that he would do a bigger job on his next concert, the 17th Bar.