Kwesta Talks Raising A Girl Child With Slikour

Fatherhood is a duty that has proven to be challenging. While some father try to run from it, others stay put and decide to raise their children in the best ways. One of such fathers is the popular South African rapper, Kwesta.

The ‘Klethile Klethile’ hitmaker has a seven-year-old daughter whom he bore with his wife. He walked his wife, Yolanda Mvelase, down the aisle last year and the couple has been showing us couple goals.

Kwesta stated:

It’s sometimes impossible to do both. You end up having to pick one per day, or based on the urgency or importance of what you need to do. I try to do my best to not work too much or not spend too much time with my family, neglecting music. It’s a difficult balance to master. You never get to a point where you have the hang of it but I try every day.

Speaking about how he has to combine his career with the duties of being a father, he revealed:

It feels terrible to not be home to tuck her in, but I call and say I won’t make it home in time to say goodnight. Just last night, I got lost in the moment making music and I didn’t say goodnight. It’s a bad feeling to not be there, to miss these moments.

In other Kwesta news, the talented rapper will be holding his concert on May 29, 2020. The Department of Arts and Culture is willing to assist creatives during the lockdown to make money from paid virtual concerts.

We are looking forward to watching Kwesta perform on the 29th of May at the confines of our homes.

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