Kwesta Teases Njandini Music Video

Are you ready for what is to come from the house of Kwesta Dakar? Well, if you enjoyed Kwesta’s “Njandini” single, you may be in for more enjoyment as the muso prepares for the release of the music video.

Already, as as way to keep fans in expectation, he has shared a teaser of the video on his Instagram page. The teaser is way too brief and might not give the viewer serious glimpses of what is eminent. At any rate, fans are already expressing their excitement in response to the teaser.

By the way, Kwesta recently worked with The Big Hash on “High School.” The tune has not been released yet. But nine days from now, on 10 July, it will be available. Also, he revealed what his favourite verse of all time is. Can you guess what it is, and from whose song? The details are all here.

“Njandini” music video drops soon, according to Kwessta. How soon, we cannot tell. But then we are watching events keenly and will bring you the music video when it drops.

For now, you can follow Kwesta’s profile here and stay tuned for updates, not forgetting to drop your thoughts in the comment section of course.

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