Kwesta To Take Legal Action Against BMW For Sampling “Spirit” Without His Consent

Kwest is set to take legal action against BMW SA for sampling his song “Spirit” in a commercial without his consent.

A recent commercial released by BMW SA has Kwesta all riled up, and for good reason. The commercial which has received praise from the public samples one of Kwesta’s hit songs “Spirit”. The song which features Wale was produced by Makwa.

Apparently, the song was sampled without the “Njandini” rapper’s consent. We all know that’s a huge case. According to tweets shared by the rapper this morning, he’s already doing something about it.

He revealed that he has already schooled himself and gotten expert opinion on what to do, and was downstairs at the BMW headquarters at the time.

Had to school myself and get expert opinion and backing first.. Si down stairs bafwethu!!! Sivaya ngama ‘grootman’ abhaya,” 

In another tweet, he stated how disappointed he was that the international brand did not do what was right. He went on to add that the ad cheapens all of their efforts on the song.

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