Kwesta & Wale Suing Telkom Over Unpaid Royalties

South African rapper Kwesta and his American counterpart Wale have taken telecoms service Telkom to court over unpaid royalties dating back to 2018.

Kwesta, Bridge IP, which represents Makwa, and Sheer Music, Wale’s company, had taken Telkom to court over the use of the song “Spirit” in Telekom’s prepaid advert.

Telkom, as well as Wunderman Marketing and Wunderman Thompson, reportedly owe the artistes the sum of R859 500 for using the song for adverts on radio, TV, as well as Telekom’s YouTube channel and an additional R702 000 for using the song in its short film which went viral shortly after release. In all the royalties owed amounts to over R 1 million.

Wunderman Marketing and Wunderman Thompson had been sued alongside Telkom in that both companies were responsible for producing the “Prepaid Z’khipha More” advert for Telkom in May 2018.

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