Kwesta & Wife Yolanda Celebrate 2nd Wedding Anniversary

It is exactly two years since Kwesta and formalized their relationship as husband and wife. Kwesta is so excited about the memory he commemorated it in a post on Instagram, tagging his wife and urging her to tell her side of the story when she can.

In his post, he had wondered if his wife remembered their wedding day two years ago. She might not remember, but he made it known that he loves her so much.

Kwesta’s post has been like over 50k times. Fans were in the comment section of the post, wishing the couple a happy anniversary and greater years together ahead.

Kwesta and are among South Africa’s most loved couples. Their relationship is one for the books and many people look up to them vis-à-vis relationship goals.

For the music nuts out there, the key take from Kwesta post might be his notice that the “Dakar II” star might drop an soon. He didn’t disclose the title in the same post, though.

Well, what do you think of Kwesta’s anniversary message to his wife? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below. Way to go, peeps.

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