Kwesta’s Wife Makes Public Just How Long She Has Been With Kwesta

Kwesta’s wife, Yolanda, has just revealed how long she and Kwesta have been kicking it together as a couple.

Kwesta and Yolanda Vilakazi have been put into the ‘couple goals’ category amongst celebrity couples in SA. Like magnets the pair have attracted the attention of many who have been both secretly and publicly admiring their union for a couple of years now.

Kwesta’s wife, during an Instagram Q&A session, disclosed just how long she has been hitched with the SA hip-hop star. “How long have you been with Kwesta??” Asked an unknown Instagram follower of hers.

And of course, Yolanda gave a befitting response to the question, revealing that she has been with the rapper for 12 years. “12 YEARS BABE… SORRY COOKING ALL AT THE SAME TIMEπŸ™ˆ,” she wrote.

Kwesta'S Wife Makes Public Just How Long She Has Been With Kwesta 2

On the other hand, Kwesta had previously reacted to his relationship with his woman.

“We are not goals. Like everyone, we take small strides each day to try and reach those together,” wrote the rapper. “There has been joy, pain, love, gratitude, disappointment, love, gains, losses, love. Katlehong, Maldives, love, kisses, voetseks, love, strength, fear, love, good hair days and that thing on my head … And then love once again … Then we try grow that, grow us.”

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