Kylie Jenner Ignites Hot Girl Summer With “Lake Life” Snaps

Kylie Jenner is still out there giving many adventurous young people life goals. Well, that’s what some of her fans are saying following a series of snaps she shared on her verified channel.

“lake life,” she declared in one of the captions of her post, which showed her luxuriating on a boat and generally having a good time in the company of her friend Victoria Villarroel.

Fans were pretty chuffed with the snaps she shared and commented on how beautiful the Kylie Cosmetics boss looked. And for others, the pictures are as good as the announcement of the beginning of the hot girl summer.

At the time of writing, the pictures had a collective “like” of more than 12 million – an impressive number by any standard.

Kylie welcomed her second child wilt partner in February. However, it’s impossible to tell from her figure that she’d recently given birth. Maybe one of her fans was right; after all: some ladies have it.

It’s unclear if Travis was with her during the trip. Still, from the pictures shared, Kylie was damn happy to be out on the waters. And she did have a blast – as the saying goes. Can you beat that?

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