Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Stormi Shows Off Baby Brother Webster’s New Nursery – Video

Stormi might be only four years old, but she’s already good at doing big sister duties to her younger brother Wolf Webster.

Wolf? Okay, let’s leave it at Webster. After all, Kylie Jenner and her man Travis Scott recently announced that they’re withdrawing “Wolf” as their young son’s name. And they have been tight-lipped about a possible replacement for the name.

At any rate, Stormi is happy to have a kid brother and excited to take anyone on a tour of his new nursery.

In a recent clip shared by Kylie Jenner on YouTube and titled “Our Son,” Stormi could be seen leading the way as the videographer follows with the camera. “Look at the baby’s room!” she said as the video panned to different angles.

From the clip, it was clear that Webster’s fashion-conscious parents have already set him on the path to fashion awareness. A few Teddy bears, one of them with a Louis Vuitton print, glittered on the bed.

And although Baby Webster can’t read at this point, his parents are already keen he shouldn’t neglect the path of knowledge. So there were numerous children’s books in the crib as well.

As some fans have noted, the crib is fit for a little prince. You can join Stormi and take the tour below.

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