L-Tido Bemoans Failing Justice System & Lack Of Progress In AKA Murder Case

South African rapper L-Tido has just expressed displeasure with the pace of investigation into the assassination of his compatriot and fellow rapper AKA, who was gunned down last month.

AKA was killed at point-blank range alongside his former manager Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane as he stepped out of Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban on February 10. South Africa’s rap universe has not been the same since then.

Determined that the authorities should find the rapper’s killers, AKA fans. collectively known as the Megacy, have been trending the hashtag #JusticeforAKA to ensure that the case was not swept under the carpet as has happened in cases past.

L-Tido, who had worked with AKA in the past, has just joined the advocacy with a tweet. He noted that it has been over a month since AKA was murdered, and still the police have not made any progress. What’s more, the killing, he noted, happened right in front of a police station and on a busy road with CCTV.

As far as he is concerned, the justice system back home is failing the nation, You can check out his tweet below.

He is one of the South African celebrities who have been wondering out loud about the lack of progress in the case.

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