L-Tido opens up about taking a music break

Mzansi rapper, L-Tido opens up about the reason for his music break.

Popular SA Hip Hop artist, L-Tido has been a bit silent on the scene. Although he’s been very active on social media, he hasn’t really dropped any music and that has fans worried. A fan recently tweeted at the rapper saying he misses his records.

This prompted a reply from Tido who revealed the reason for his silence recently. According to him, he’s been doing other things outside of music. However, he also revealed that he has 40 recorded songs and will be back soon. Coming from him, we know he will definitely deliver.

We also hope he finally got in the studio with recent SAHHA winner, Nadia Nakai who he had a dope moment with on Twitter a while back. We doubt that he would be dropping anything before the year runs out but we’d love it if that happens.

John Jabulani

John is a music and media enthusiast who has created content for several years. He is also a singer and a songwriter. He is fascinated by stories behind hit songs and also by the artists who create them.

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