Laconco Celebrates Her Son Sakha As He Turns 6 (Photos & Video)

Friday 12 April was a special day in reality show star Laconco’s life as the son she had with Jacob Zuma, Sakhaumuzi, turned 6. It was a day of celebration, laughter and gratitude.

Both mother and father were more than happy to celebrate Sakhaumuzi, with Zuma’s celebration a little more private. Laconco. though, was effusive and public in her celebration of her son. The former Real Housewives Durban star took to her Instagram page where she celebrated her son.

Since giving birth to Sakhaumuzi, she has been particular about hiding the kid’s identity. Even though she was pretty excited about his birthday this year, she remained circumspect about sharing an image of him.

So, in her post on Instagram, she merely shared images of the cakes used to celebrate his birthday, In the other post where she shared pictures of him, she made it a point to cover his face with an emoji. You can check out the posts below.

Laconco and Zuma are no longer a couple. The reason for this is still being debated by the public. Anyway, Laconco recently made it known that she is ready for the dating thing again, but she is picky and is not for everyone.

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