LaConco Is Ready To Date Again

TV star LaConco says she is ready to jump into the dating pool again.

Fans of LaConco might be seeing her with a new man soon, but that could be in a matter of time. The famous TV star has opened up in an interview with Isolezwe that she is currently single and ready to date again.

According to her, she is yet to meet her Mr. Right, but she isn’t opposed to finding him. She said,

“Because I am someone who works hard, it would be unfortunate for me to gain all this success in life and not marry anyone. Although I am not in a hurry to get married, I do believe that a woman should get married. Unfortunately, things did not go accordingly where I thought I’d end up.”

She also shared that she has been on dates and gone through talking stages with a few men. “As a woman, I give men a chance to court me, but I have not met someone I can build a home with.”

The former reality star was inspired by Lupita Nyong’o’s breakup post to open up about hers. She spoke about the pain her “ex” had caused her. She revealed she kept quiet because she gave her pain to God and chose to protect her ex’s dignity. Some alleged the ex to be Jacob Zuma.

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