Laconco Talks How She kept Relationship With Zuma A secret For 2 Years

Little-known details about Laconco’s relationship with former president Jacob Zuma are beginning to emerge, and Mzansi is letting things up.

Apparently, before the public got to know the two were in a secret relationship for two years. She wanted it that way, which informed her refusal to tell anybody at the outset.

By her own account, citing those close to the former president, his behaviour changed whenever she was around. Well, they got close along the line and even chatted long on FaceTime. The relationship flowered fast and they eventually decided to make things official.

The couple had a son. However, their relationship didn’t last. Some would say it ended almost as soon as it started – soon after their son was born. And Laconco herself had complained about the former president being an absent father.

Anyway, she has moved on with her life, but her love life is still under wraps, with the RHOD star in no hurry to share new details about her relationship. For those who might be interested in her, she had previously shared that to have her, the hopeful man has to have several qualities. We are sure you can guess the most important one. Lol

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