Ladies Go “Ah” As Jesse Williams Nude Clip Pops On Twitter

The nude footage of Jesse Williams Broadway debut leaked on Twitter, and denizens of that universe have been screaming since – some in approval, others in shock.

Either way, it was clear that the Jesse Williams nude clip was no accident. In the said footage, the actor could be seen playing with his pedunda while standing on what appears to be a stage.

The clip resonated the most with the ladies, and most of them screamed approval and let him know where to find them or what they would like him to do to them.

A storm of memes of ladies in various positions in anticipation of coital salvation flooded Twitter. One of the ladies even joked that Jesse allowed the cameras to roll and record everything only because he was well endowed. The same person posited that only well-endowed blokes allow a full clip of their manhood.

For the blokes – to some of them, anyway – it wasn’t exactly a good moment as all the ladies appeared focused on Jesse and his package.

While Jesse has snapped attention with his latest nude round, he isn’t the first actor to do it – nor is he expected to be the last. The nude game continues.

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