Lady Du Celebrates Acquiring New Range Rover

“Girls with Mercs” is a common phrase thrown across South Africa to celebrate ladies who own Mercedes cars, SUVs or not. Mercedes is one of the pricey luxury options in the Rainbow Nation, so it is usually a thing of celebration when the ladies can afford it.

But what about “Ladies with Range”? That’s not quite as popular right now, despite the Ranger Rover brand being another critical and expensive luxury brand not just in South Africa but across the world.

Well, South African musician Lady Du has joined the Range clun with her recent acquisition of the SUV. Trust her to celebrate that win online. Lol.

Well, she did. In a post on her official Instagram page, the songstress, who also doubles as an entrepreneur, flaunted her new ride, sharing details about it to silence critics before they strike.

She made it clear in the caption to her post that she’d worked hard for the car she acquired and that it was paid for in full. That part appeared to be an indirect shot at those who might insinuate that she got the vehicle on loan or something – as some other celebs are known to do.

Well, congrats on your new ride, Lady Du.

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