Lady Du Donates 10,000 Rands To Soweto’s Finest For Stolen Gig

Mzansi DJ mad dancer Lady Du has given a helping hand to Soweto’s Finest,  a South African boy band, while also calling on other individuals to donate to the group.

The songstress had paid a visit to the group’s studio and found out that they were struggling, having lost a gig. And with the coronavirus still biting the music industry hard, they seriously needed help.

She shared the bank details of the group while letting fans know that she got permission from them to share their circumstances with the world. The second slide of her post shows a debit alert from her Nedbank account. She had made a donation to encourage other well-meaning individuals to do the same.

By the way, Lady Du recently revealed that her lungs were undeveloped but she has managed to make a success of her singing career, leading her doctor to call her miracle baby.

According to her, while she has no trouble dancing on stage for about 25 minutes, she would have to go to the hospital is she should run for just a minute.

Well, you may want to join those showing love to Soweto’s finest in their hour of need. Well, some solidarity.

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