Lady Du Dropping New Single With Love Nwantiti Star, CKay

Amapiano DJ and producer Lady Du has announced a new collaboration with Nigerian songster CKay, noting in a recent Instagram post that she has never been more proud of a person.

In her post, she acknowledged the songster’s talent and humility, noting they will take him to the farthest ends of the earth. She also wishes God’s blessings on him while amplifying her impatience to see released the son they have worked on.

From the look of things, Lady Du’s interest in Nigeria is getting pretty deep. Ot long ago, she had announced a joint project with Nigeria’s soul singer Niniola, which provoked waves of excitement in Mzansi.

Well, her latest announcement has led to another wave. Of excitement among fans.

Lady Du Dropping New Single With Love Nwantiti Star, Ckay 2

CKay might be a Nigerian, but he’s got a devoted following in South Africa. In fact, the interest in him is so deep from South African that he has often been mistaken for a son of Mzansi.

Well, with Lady Du announcing they have a joint coming, one can only wait. If you’re keen not to miss what Lady Du has promised in collaboration with CKay, you may want to follow our social media channels right now, subscribe to our newsfeed, and stay tuned for updates.

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