Lady Du Slammed For Helping Lady Caught Shoplifting Nappies

Lady Du Dragged Over Comment Government Should Pay Random Road Mender

South African singer Lady Du came under a little fire recently after she opted to help a lady caught shop-lifting. South Africans were recently shocked by a clip of the staff at Jet searching a lady who had allegedly stolen nappies from the store.

In the now-viral clip, the lady could be seen as the female staff members ordered her to bring out the nappies she had hidden in her clothing, She brought out a tidy heap of them while other shoppers looked on.

The spectacle apparently displeased Lady Du, who felt that the situation should have been handled better without the lady being humiliated. She claimed the lady has three kids and is currently traumatised by what happened.

She also noted that more people needed to be helped. She promised to send the lady’s details a day after making the tweet, which you can check out below.

However, some South Africans faulted her decision, letting her know that a thief is a thief and there are in fact ladies in worse situations who have not done what the lady in the viral footage had done. Last we checked, she is yet to reply directly to her critics. Doubtful she would.