Lady Du Mourns Mourns Her Brother’s Untimely Death

Lady Du Mourns Mourns Her Brother’s Untimely Death

Amapiano star Lady Du shares a heartbreaking post mourning her brother’s untimely death.

Everyone who knows Lady Du knows how vocal she has been about what she has been through. The Amapiano star has faced hurdles throughout her career, mourned friends, and pushed through so much. She has constantly thanked her friends for being there for her and encouraging her.

While fans have celebrated her milestones this year, Lady Du has shared another heartbreaking news. The famous female DJ recently shared photos of her brother and announced his passing. She aimed her message at God and asked how He could let it happen to her, knowing how sensitive she is and what death does to her.

She opened up about the reality of her brother’s death and what the thought of not seeing him again has done to her. She also bade him farewell and asked him to greet their grandmother.