Lady Du Opens Up About Her Struggles

Piano DJ and producer, Lady Du opens up about her struggles as a result of being in ShowBiz.

Piano hit maker, Lady Du has been killing it in the music industry. The talented hit maker is credited on some of the biggest hits in the airwaves right now. While her life may seem enviable, Du has revealed that it is also depressing.

In a post shared to her Instagram page, the popular hit maker revealed that she has been “depressed” and “suicidal” but she has survived all that. She also revealed that she wrote about it because she felt a pain that takes her to a numb place.

The “Angisho Guys” star spoke about the things she has had to face as a artist in ShowBiz. According to her, she constantly has to deal with toxic people who she is always told to ignore. She also opened up about praying and meditating a lot. Check out the full post below.

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