Lady Du Quashes Beef With K.O., Might Drop A Joint With Him Soon

A while back, they had a serious beef,  ut it appears that South African rapper K.O. and his singer compatriot Lady DU have made peace after all and might even work on something together.

Lady Du hinted at this recently, giving hope to fans of the two musicians who have been rooting for them to make up and link up for the benefit of the culture.

The songstress touched on the subject during a recent interview with Metro FM. She also dwelt on other subjects pertaining to her life and career. In fact, she insisted that she had never really had a problem with the rapper because he is one of those who opened the industry for her and others.

Continuing, she acknowledged music is what K.O. does and she would not go out of her way to just attack his brand, which might affect his life. She insisted they are both cool and might even drop a joint jam someday.

This revelation has been greeted with excitement from fans who have always wanted the two to be at peace since their conflict spilled into social media.

Anyway, we are following events keenly an will bring you whatever the two artists should work on in the coming days.

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