Lady Du Says She Never Said She Was Bigger Than K.O

Piano star says she never said she was bigger than K.O.

If you saw Lady Du’s interview on “The Episode” podcast, then you know what the fuss is all about. The Piano star has been on everyone’s lips for claiming that she achieved in one year what could not in his eight-year rap career.

The rapper had dissed her for allegedly making comments about his hit song “SETE.” ignored him and then opened up about it in the interview. She claimed that replying him would have given him more clout, which she did not want. She also made claims about achieving more in one year than he did in eight.

After getting slammed online, the singer and DJ is retracting her comments. She claims in an post that she never said she was bigger than K.O. She says she was glad that she achieved a lot for herself, unlike his claims alluded to.


For the longest time I’ve been quite letting people bully me, thinking I just rocked up out of no where and started in piano, I’d like you to watch the interview on hiphop mag, I don’t usually do interviews but I had to, I was on so you understand how hard I tried to make it and how many doors were closed in my face, just when I was giving up on music, I met my family abo @mrjazziq I told him that I was happy working a 9 to 5 abd that was my last attempt at music after 15 years of trying, when I dropped the mic, God said no my child I was saving for the right time not your time!
Piano chose me, a lot of you are only finding out about me now, but I started with most of your legends, I just started at a time that God didn’t want me to pop in, he chose now, he knew I’d have more wisdom, I’d be able to educate his kids, I’d never make music about me but people, I’ll help those in need. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get to where I am, so when I heard someone diss me, I cried not because I was hurt but because I watched people laugh at a new comer in their eyes, I want to post my old pictures and video, then I started comparing numbers and realised what God gave me was above me abd I decided not to respond!!! Here’s what I want you to take from this, no one should ever make you lay a red carpet for them to walk on, no one should ever make you feel small for what you’ve achieved, our priorities aren’t the same we are not chasing the same Goal my success might not be on your level but it is greatness for me. Never ever let anyone dim your light to make theirs shine!!!! You are important, God created a lane for you walk in it with no shame!!! Let the people keep talking and continue living your purpose! I am exactly celebrating 19 years in the industry!!! My grand father, my father and my uncle are the I started music!!! This was a legacy left by my grandfather father, I took it ran with it!!! So no it’s not for clout, nor applause it’s destiny!!!! Anything said abd done after this God will answer!!! I suffered a lot but it ends today and now!!!!!

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